October 4, 2016

I was living in Cincinnati Ohio but wanted to move down to Atlanta. Christina would send me listings via email. Many, many times I asked her to go look at a house while I was still up North. She would Face Time on the phone with me, walking from room to room and all over the property so I could see everything. That way I got a much better idea of the home I was interested in without having to pop down to Atlanta every time a house of interest came on the market. Just looking at photos online is not the same. Not the most efficient way to find a home but she was game. Almost every time I called her she answered without the phone going to voice mail. If she was busy, she got back to me quickly. Anyway, she was very patient and kept a positive demeanor even though I was probably asking more of an agent than most people do. After having her look for me, I am happy to say we got it done and I love my new home.

— John P